Claddagh cottage



Where Did The Claddagh Ring Come From

Claddagh cottage

Irish Cottage by Ed Havis framed $150

Irish Cottage

In the west the thatch would be tied down to withstand severe winds. Cottages were single room depth with front windows and a double door. The thick stone walls were plastered and whitewashed but windows and doors were painted with bright colors. Often traveling Tinkers would be hired to paint the windows and doors as well as kitchen table and dressers with the same bright colors as their carts. Floors were hard packed dirt, stone or planks if wood was available.The hearth was the center of the house, used for warmth, light and cooking. A side bench would be a favorite sleeping place beside the warm glowing turf. Besides pots hanging in the fireplace a musical wind instrument might be kept there both to hide it and dry it out after a night of singing and dancing. Irish cottages had thatched roofs until the 1950's when they were largely replaced with tin.

Irish cottage


Aran Islands and it's Culture

This beautiful cottage is on the Aran Islands. I was directed to it by a guide as a perfect example of a restored Aran Islands thatched roof cottage. It had red trimmed windows with a black kettle on the sill and a red double door. Bottom double doors were used to keep children and animals in or out but left open on the top unless the the lady of the house was ill or out of sorts. Actually, this cottage was a craft shop that sold sweaters and souveneirs but I didn't get to enter. The shopkeeper was on the phone and typical of the salty nature of harsh island life, shut the top door with a bang when I asked to come in and look around.

Claddagh Rings, Pendants and Earrings


Old Irish Cottage on the Aran Islands

This is an unrestored cottage on Aran Islands. The walls were made of thick local stone with a deep set window. Thatch on the roof is all but gone exposing what looks like fisherman nets underneath. A lone rose blooms in the front yard with a scattering of bluebells on the ground. It must be 100 years old.

Claddagh Rings, Pendants and Earrings


Searching the Archives

Go into Ireland through Heathrow Airport and take a 20 minute side trip to the archives at Kew Gardens. After obtaining clearance look through bins of old original records or microfiche and you might find your ancestor. Since Ireland was under British dominance during the great wars and many Irish fought as paid soldiers, the births, weddings, deaths and adoptions are recorded here. Private libraries in Befast are also a good source if you had relatives in the North or they 'took the shilling' and fought for the British.

History of the Claddagh Ring

Once upon a time, Richard Joyce of Galway who was about to be married was captured by the pirates and sold to a Moorish goldsmith who trained him in the craft. While enslaved he fashioned a ring with two hands holding a heart and crown. In1689 he was released from slavery by a grant from King William
III. His reputation was well known and the Moor offered him a position as the kings first alchemist if he would remain in Algiers, but Joyce said he must return to the land of his love. When he returned to the village of Claddagh he brought the ring with him and gave it to his betrothed who had remained faithful and was still waiting. The earliest Claddagh rings bear his mark and the initial letters of his name, RJ (Richard Joyce).

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How to wear the Claddagh Ring:

Wear the ring on your right hand, the crown turned inwards and the ring will symbolize love, loyalty, friendship.
Wear the ring on your right hand, the crown turned outwards and the heart towards your heart if your heart is taken.
Wear the ring on your left hand, the crown turned outwards and the heart towards your heart if you're committed to each other.

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